Design and Technology

Design and Technology (DT) at Whiteknights allows all of the pupils to take part in a variety of creative and practical activities. Pupils will be taught the knowledge and understanding of the project they are about to undertake through evaluating existing product. They will use their research to develop their designs. Using their designs they will use a range of medias and materials to make their products. DT encourages the pupils to link their skills from Maths, English and Science into their work, each topic will link to other areas of learning.

Design and Technology Topics at Whiteknights:

Year 1

1: Castle themed Pop-up book – Paper/Pencils

2: Vehicles – Junk Modelling/Fixed axis

3: Fruit Salad - Food

Year 2

1: Lighthouses – Papier Mache

2: Fire Engines – Junk Modelling/Free axis or wheels

3: Three Little Pigs – Straws/ Card/Lego Bricks

Year 3

1: Roman Catapult – Sticks, elastic bands

2: Volcanoes – Papier Mache

3: Egyptian Sarcophagus – Plastic Junk Modelling / Tea stained Papier   Mache

Year 4

1: Anglo – Saxon Settlement – Cardboard, Straw (Paired/Group work)

2: Weaving – Looms made from sticks, fabric

Year 5

1: Bridges – Lolly sticks/Glue guns

2: Parachutes

Year 6

1: Mayan Masks – Papier Mache