Medical conditions and emergencies

On this page of our website you can read and/or download our procedures for dealing with medical emergencies in school, as well as managing children who have medical conditions.

You can also read and/or download our Asthma Policy.

Severe Allergic Reactions

In line with our Severe Allergic Reaction guidelines, we ask parents to complete an Allergy Action Plan, so that a child’s adrenaline auto injector can be administered in the event of an emergency. This Plan can be viewed/downloaded below.

We will keep the completed Allergy Action Plan in school for our records.

If there are any changes in any emergency treatment or dosage, it is essential that parents inform us so that a new Allergy Action Plan can be completed.

Please ensure that your child has their adrenaline auto injector and their own supply of anti-histamine medication (medicine for allergies) available for use in school.  We would also like to remind you that it is your responsibility to check that the medication kept for your child in school is in date. 

If you have any queries regarding any of these procedures then please contact the School Office.

Downloadable Files